101 new knitters & beginner knitters club

101 new knitters & beginner knitters club

the yarn harlot challenged herself a few years ago to knit a certain pairs of socks in a year. as you may know, i love a challenge so i’m challenging myself and the YARNIEs to teach 101 people to knit in the first 212 days of 2016. knitting is such a wonderful hobby. you know how relaxing it can be. you know the wonderful community you are part of because of knitting. why would someone not want to try it?

so in addition to challenging us to teach 101 knitter in the first months of 2016, we will be starting a beginner knitters club! starting the 2nd full week of january, we will offer 2 beginning knitting sessions per week (one daytime and one evening) and you’ll buy credits in the club. each credit equals (1) hour knitting club session. sessions are $20 each when purchased individually or $15 each when purchase in a set of 5. think about joining a gym and paying for sessions in advanced with a personal trainer.

how will it work?

club members can attend any session and can attend multiple sessions per week but each session will be a credit off their total. For example if you want to come to the daytime session and then the evening session in the same week, then 2 credits will be deducted from your balance. If you skip a week, then you will not be charged for the credit. you must reserve a spot for each session you want to attend and if they reserve a spot and don’t come, then we will deduct a credit for the missed class (someone else could have had the spot).

what will you learn?

you’ll knit a wool hotpad first. it’s a great starter project and can be finished in about a week. when you purchase a packet of 5 sessions ($75), you will get a free starter kit – set of needles and ball of yarn – specific to your first project.

after you finish your first project, then you will step up to level 2 and a ribbed scarf. for this project you will need to purchase 300 yards of worsted weight yarn from the YARN mart but you will be able to use the same needles that you used for the hotpad.

level 3 is a basic hat with a ribbed brim. you will learn to knit in the round and how to increase and decrease. finally with level 4, you will knit a simple pair of fingerless mitts with thumb gusset.

once you have finished all 4 levels you will get an “i learned to knit at the YARN mart” tote bag!

what style of knitting will i learn?

there are several different styles of knitting but they all end in the same result – beautiful fabric with great color. you can chose to learn to knit english or continental style. most american knitters are english style knitters but left handers prefer the continental method because the yarn is carried in the left hand. you get to chose – whatever you prefer!

how long will it take me to complete the levels?

different knitters knit at different speeds. new knitters knit a little slower than an experience knitter. it also depends on how much time you have to devote to knitting outside of the in-store sessions. but the great thing about the club is that you can go at our own pace!

when will it be?

daytime session = Mondays from 11:30 to 12:30.

evening session = Wednesday nights from 5:30 to 6:30.

how do i sign up?

call and we’ll get you started! 501.666.6505


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